Larry Lawson, the author

Larry Lawson was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. He was a Coal Miner for 38 years. He always dreamed of playing Major League baseball.

Brooks Robinson, of the Baltimore Orioles, became his favorite player. A few years after graduation he got a chance to coach girl’s Little League softball and High School softball. He thought he was on top of the world.

One of the first things he experienced as a coach, was the smaller kids saying they were too little to do certain things. He wrote this story hoping to motivate the little kids to dream big and try harder. You never know what might happen he’d say. Most of the time he too was the smallest kid there. I’m number 2 in the team picture.

He had a great time playing baseball. This story was like icing on the cake. It helped him relive memories of home, old friends and good neighbors.

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